Best Keto diet plans March 2020

A ketogenic diet, or simply a keto diet, is a low carbohydrate diet which restricts foods with high carbohydrate content (i.e., bread, pasta, sugar) and replaces them with higher protein and fat products like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds – as well as low carb products like fibrous vegetables. How to start keto diet? First of all, find the keto diet plan that will suit you best. On this page, we compare the price, features, and reviews of today’s top-trending keto apps, so you can effortlessly choose the right keto diet plan for beginners. From a simple keto recipe app to an all-encompassing personalized keto tracker and meal planner – there is an option for you! Keto for beginners has never been easier.

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Keto Cycle

Ranked #1 out of 10
Available on:

KetoCycle offers an educated approach to the famous Ketogenic diet. It provides an easy-to-use app and guides you through your personalized daily Keto meal plan the safest way possible.

Carb Manager

Ranked #2 out of 10
Available on:

Carb Manager is a movement, a community, a lifestyle.
Our food tracker makes it easy to log each meal in seconds.

Ranked #3 out of 10
Available on: is like having your own Keto nutritionist in the palm of your hand.

from $1.99 / month
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Diet Doctor

Ranked #4 out of 10
Available on:

We show no ads, take no industry money, and sell no products. We are doctors, dietitians, and other experts here to help you improve your health.


Ranked #5 out of 10
Available on:

Trim Down Club is here to provide you with a personalized keto plan. We make all the calculations for you, ensuring that your daily menu includes the nutrients needed to manage your weight.

1st month $1.99, next $9.90 / month
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South Beach Diet

Ranked #6 out of 10
Available on:

The South Beach Diet is a doctor-designed, foolproof plan for fast and healthy weight loss.


Ranked #7 out of 10
Available on:

With the Total Keto Diet app's meal plans, you get customized low carb meal plans tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

$9.99 / month
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Konscious Keto

Ranked #8 out of 10
Available on:

At Konscious, our mission is to empower you to reach your full potential, so you can look and feel your best every moment of the day.

lifetime - $79
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Your Keto Diet

Ranked #9 out of 10
Available on:

Easy to follow, personalized keto diet that will take you closer to your goals!

lifetime - $29.90
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Ranked #10 out of 10
Available on:

Keto Academy - interactive keto plans optimized for quicker and better weight-loss results. Designed and tested to give results in just 28 days.

lifetime access $145
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Editor’s choice: Best Keto Diet Currently on the Market

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from $1.25 to $2.50/week
Editor’s review:

“DoFasting takes a nice step towards your fasting plans by helping you to stay motivated and energized. The providers not only focus on fasting as an activity, but help you to deepen your knowledge about fasting, encourage you to do some training alongside fasting, and let you personalize your whole fasting experience.”

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  • professional training routines
  • daily motivation boost
  • adjustable fasting type & schedule
  • access to the most up to date scientific research

Keto Cycle

$1.25-$2.5 / week
Editor’s review:

“Personalization is what make this Keto diet provider stand out. Insights for food choices based on preferences or allergies help users get comfortable with the diet plan. Features such as visualized progress tracking or workout recommendations provide motivation to users and make sure that it stays.”

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  • Personalized to your weight-loss goals
  • In-app meal plan with macros and recipes
  • Workout plan with video-demos
  • Offline mode
  • 24/7 support

Weight Watchers

from $59/month
Editor’s review:

“The Weight Watchers diet provides a really strong and active blog for users about various weight loss related topics. It's worth trying them because of the wide choice of recipes - over 1000 options - and personalized tips.”

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  • A fasting tracker and timer guiding you through your weeks
  • Apple Health connectivity
  • Personal weekly health and fitness challenges

Choosing the best diet plans: how we rank and compare them

"Nutrition and diet are highly personal matters which take into account many different factors. Therefore, it's quite a challenge to rate and provide you with the best diet plans for different diet types.
However, to remove subjective factors and be as accurate as possible, we run tests based on an extensive list of criteria that fall into different groups and levels of importance."


We believe that each diet plan should be unique - just like you are. Each diet plan provider must define and evaluate all the necessary processes and personal factors that are critical to the success of their diet plan. Diet plan providers that offer a high level of personalization rank at the top of the list.

Goal Orientation

Changing your nutrition is quite a challenge. We have a great support and motivational system to keep you engaged, concentrated on your goal, and celebrating milestones. Supporting your new routine is a key part of your overall success and satisfaction.
This is the broadest criteria category, and there are many different possibilities that can lead to your success.

Diet Friendliness

Nobody wants to follow a diet plan that is impossible. Thus a number of different recipes, different difficulty levels, preparation tutorials, and a grocery list to simplify shopping experience are factors that matter a lot to us.


Good service comes at a price which should be reasonable and competitive. Moreover, various payment methods, a transparent cancellation policy, and a smooth refund process matter too.


On your journey towards a healthier you different questions and issues might arise when you expect them least. Therefore, a great support infrastructure on general, nutrition, and sports activity questions is important for a smooth experience.


We believe that great service should not compromise on your personal data and privacy. Especially when it comes to your health data.


Keeping up with new habits is hard enough by itself. Therefore, diet plan providers should keep up with your pace of life and provide maximum accessibility through different platforms, including when you are travelling or simply do not have an internet connection.

User Feedback

Feedback from users is something that is extremely important. However, as overall satisfaction with the diet plan depends on many personal factors we treat it with caution to eliminate subjective factors.